Less than 30 days to go!

Holy Guacamole! If everything goes as planned, we will be on the Appalachian Trail in less than 30 days. We’ve just been so busy that the blog has somewhat fallen to the wayside and I’m unsure if we’ll be able to post regularly while we are on the trail. If you’re interested in following us […]

Rachel’s Story (so far)

Where it all started Back in January of this year, Kris had an early mid life crisis. He was bored with the 9-5, work to pay for your mortgage life and was on the hunt to find something new and exciting in his life. Around the same time, inspired by him, I decided to finally […]

Canada Day Weekend – 36 Weeks To Go

We are now 36 weeks away from our planned departure date for the Appalachian Trail. We continue to do as much as hiking we can to familiarize ourselves with the conditions and lifestyle we will be subjected to on the trail. This week was a 2 day journey across 60km/37.5 miles which began Saturday morning […]

A Solo Marathon

Rachel and I have had opposite schedules for a while, now which means that last Saturdays hike and this Sundays hike are solo adventures. Last week I was lucky enough to convince a friend to give me a ride to the trail head and back home in the evening (Thanks Brendan!). This gave me a […]

The Longest Walk Yet

We wanted to simulate a day on the Appalachian trail over this long weekend, so we got up Friday morning, had a big breakfast, packed up our gear -including foot and water- and walked from morning to sunset. A total of 36km/22.5miles walked! My left foot got chewed up pretty badly by my horrible, uncomfortable, lumpy, […]