Day 46? – Mile 390ish

We’re long passed Little Laurel Shelter, a cozy little shack with room for 5. The rain hadn’t stopped that day and our hopes of squeezing into the shelter to escape the downpour were dashed when we arrived. It was inhabited by 8 people. Oh well, another rainy night in our tent was ahead of us. We managed to to stay dry and also start a draft post for the blog… which I never got around to finishing during the last two weeks.

The weather has warmed significantly since my last post, we’ve descended from the great smoky mountains and made our our way passed Erwin, completed the zig zagging in and out of North Carolina and are currently resting our sore legs and sunburned skin at the mountains harbor bed and breakfast in Tennessee. The plan is to get up early and make our way to Damascus, Virginia within 6 days. We are expecting a lot of rain, which might hinder our plans and make for some interesting hiking.

Cell service has been rare and posting to the blog has been low on my list of priorities, the act of starring at my phone for more than a few minutes feels like work, and work is one of the things I’m walking away from on this adventure. I do plan on continuing to post updates but I’m hoping for a a bit of direction. So I’m asking you, one of the 5 people who are reading this, to post a question in the comment section for us to answer in the next post. Thanks!

2 comments on “Day 46? – Mile 390ish

  1. Two questions for two Appalachian Adventurers:
    – Which bit of kit has been the most useful/you can’t manage without?
    – What piece of civilization (not food-related) do you miss most?

    Thanks for the Instagram/Blog portal to your travels! 😊

  2. Some inspiration, if you’re having a zero day soon. Grandma Gatewood
    GG’s thoughts on how to hike the trail: “Make a rain cape, and an over the shoulder sling bag, and buy a sturdy pair of Keds tennis shoes. Stop at local groceries and pick up Vienna sausages… most everything else to eat you can find beside the trail… and by the way those wild onions are not called “Ramps”… they are “Rampions” … a ramp is an inclined plane.”

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