We survived the last few nights with only a few visits from mice and storms. We’re now laying on a hotel bed in Franklin, North Carolina overwhelmed at the food options nearby. There’s a Mexican restaurant, a Japanese restaurant and a plethora of fast food options. Browsing through the menus  is a pleasure and torture at the same time. It’s been a week since we’ve had “city food”  and I’m just giddy at the thought that we’ll be eating at, or food from, restaurants for the next two days.

We are taking our first zero day ( 0 miles on the trail ) tomorrow and gorging ourselves on food, repairing and replacing our damaged or broken gear, washing our clothes and resupplying our food stocks. This is a welcomed respite from the trail life, which revolves around climbing up mountains and climbing down mountains with the occasional trail magic highlights.

Rachel is now “Squeak”, a trail name she earned with her trademark squealing laugh. We’ve lost “captain”,  he’s gone back to Pennsylvania to live like a normal adult. Two of our brits Charlie and Chris (Slayer and Jeans) are taking a zero at a lodge a few miles further down and we’ll join up with them later. Our tramily is currently 9 people and we’re going out for supper together. I plan on eating so much I might literally die. Wish us luck, we still have 2000 miles to go.

2 comments on “Day 13 – Mile 109

  1. Sitting around work goggling web sites. Alex our volunteer is doing nothing. Johnny,Maggie, Whitney and myself holding down the rush. Glad you guys are heading in to warmth. It is going to be nasty snow here as well all weekend. Everyone says Hi and good wishes. Keep on trekin’
    xoxo Lois

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