Day 8 – Mile 56.5

We’re in the shelter near the summit of Trey mountain. We’ve summited two mountains and hiked around 9 miles today. Trey mountain stands around 4400 feet and is one of highest peaks in al of Georgia  The climb was arduous but surprisingly, it was  easier than we anticipated. Our trails legs are coming in and I’m itching to push out some bigger miles soon.

We’re two nights away from an all you can eat buffet, and food is the only thing we talk about. The team is trying to figure out how we can get pizza before we actually get to the town…no real plans yet.

There’s a thunderstorm rolling in now and the light show from inside the shelter is gonna be something else! We’ve spent every other night in a tent. We hope the shelter is going to stay dry and relatively mice free for the night…I’ll let you know how it went.

3 comments on “Day 8 – Mile 56.5

  1. Send me your precise coordinates and I’ll send you extra large 6 toppings pizza through Amazon drone delivery!
    Good luck bro.

  2. Lâchez-pas, vous êtes bien partis!!! Je suis contente de lire votre cheminement!! On pense souvent à vous et on parle de vous!!

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