Our first 5 Days on the Appalachian Trail

We’ve managed to maintain the first rule of the Appalachian Trail, don’t die. Although we’ve had some frigid nights and some unwarranted frights this has been an awesome experience so far.

The best aspect of the trail so far has been the social one. We’ve formed a “small” tramily (trail family) which currently has a dozen people, most of which have gotten a trail name. I’m “Fuego” which is spanish for fire, fitting because I’ve been a fire bug my whole life and I’ve been making the fire every night so far. Rachel hasn’t been given a proper trail name yet, but we have many miles and many nights to come.

Also included in our tramily are captain, dragon, Annie, giggles, happyfeet, yelp, sunshine, sketti, Chris and Charlie. We’re bound to lose some members and gain others, but this core group has remained thus far and everyone of them is awesome.

We’ve encountered 0 bears and barely any wildlife, likely due to the popularity of the trail in the south but we look forward to¬† encountering friendly creatures like the ponies in the Grayson highlands!

We have another frigid night ahead of us and I’m about to head into my liner (head and all) to survive… I can’t wait to complain about the heat and bugs in future posts, but for now it’s shiver time. Goodnight.


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