Three days ago, we left our home in Ottawa and started travelling south. We stopped in Toronto to visit my sister Heidi and her boyfriend. Since then we’ve driven through New York state, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We’re sitting in a hotel room in Kentucky, trying to relax. The highlights of the trip so far

1) The prices in the US

Shits cheap yo! We’ve been loving the low-cost options for food and hotel rooms. Maybe that Whole low taxes + free market thing has some merit?

2) The people!

The people have so far been great! Shout out to Colin at REI Columbus. He’s a 2017 thruhiker and gave us tons of useful tips and tricks for the trail. According to Colin, my balls are gonna chafe and tea tree oil is the solution.

3) Spending time with my parents

My parents offered to drive us to the northern terminus of the trail. They are amazing, kind-hearted people who I love watching struggle with google maps.

Although I’m having a great time, not everything about the trip is great. Spending full days in a car listening to local radio stations isn’t thrilling and having a diet which consists of fast food and convenience store snacks is wreaking havoc on my gastrointestinal tract. However, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Three days from now, we’ll be starting the trail and I’ll have something else to post about!

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