Day 8 – Mile 56.5

We’re in the shelter near the summit of Trey mountain. We’ve summited two mountains and hiked around 9 miles today. Trey mountain stands around 4400 feet and is one of highest peaks in al of Georgia¬† The climb was arduous but surprisingly, it was¬† easier than we anticipated. Our trails legs are coming in and […]

Our first 5 Days on the Appalachian Trail

We’ve managed to maintain the first rule of the Appalachian Trail, don’t die. Although we’ve had some frigid nights and some unwarranted frights this has been an awesome experience so far. The best aspect of the trail so far has been the social one. We’ve formed a “small” tramily (trail family) which currently has a […]

Three days!

Three days ago, we left our home in Ottawa and started travelling south. We stopped in Toronto to visit my sister Heidi and her boyfriend. Since then we’ve driven through New York state, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We’re sitting in a hotel room in Kentucky, trying to relax. The highlights of the trip so far 1) […]