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Canada Day Weekend – 36 Weeks To Go

We are now 36 weeks away from our planned departure date for the Appalachian Trail. We continue to do as much as hiking we can to familiarize ourselves with the conditions and lifestyle we will be subjected to on the trail. This week was a 2 day journey across 60km/37.5 miles which began Saturday morning just outside of Merrickville and ended in Perth.

The Rideau Trail was it’s usual self – a blend of road-walking and various levels of trail conditions ranging from groomed and well traveled paths to open fields without any recognizable trail but always well blazed and traversable. We ended our first day by setting up our tent at the locks in Smiths Falls and spent the night listening to a symphony of fireworks, thunderstorms and traffic, a welcome respite from the full day of mosquitoes in our ears and bird songs. Our Big Agnes Triangle Mountain UL-3 Tent, the Nemo Tensor sleeping pads and the Nemo Duo Tango Slim sleeping bag all performed admirably during the rain filled windy night. We slept comfortably and woke up dry to continue our journey.

We spent Sunday hiking to Perth, the second day was more challenging than anticipated! The trail was wilder than the previous day and our feet were already battered, our legs were sore and we had donated more than our fair share of blood to the mosquitoes and deer flies. We finally arrived in Perth in late afternoon after two full days on the trail, enjoyed some cold drinks at the local Tim Horton and came up with a plan on getting home. We hitchhiked back to the car, it took about an hour to reverse our two days of travelling and we returned home promptly. As much as we would like to continue to Kingston we have to get back to our jobs… and our cat. In three weeks we will attempt Perth to Kingston in one multi (4-6) day hike. Something to look forward to!

– Kris

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