We wanted to simulate a day on the Appalachian trail over this long weekend, so we got up Friday morning, had a big breakfast, packed up our gear -including foot and water- and walked from morning to sunset. A total of 36km/22.5miles walked! My left foot got chewed up pretty badly by my horrible, uncomfortable, lumpy, water retaining piece of crap shoes. I was dumb enough to convince myself that they weren’t all that bad and they would be fine for one more daytime adventure. Today, every step I take the blisters reminds me of that stupid decision. We also both got mild sunburns on our heads and faces, but nothing serious.

The only gear we didn’t bring was the gear we don’t have. Which includes:

Trekking poles – We wouldn’t need any for the day,  the Ottawa river pathway is fairly flat

Hiking clothes  – Base layers, mid layers, insulating layers, hiking socks, sock liners and footwear. We’re doing research and waiting for big sales – we do still have 11 months

Water Purification – We packed enough water for the day in our water bottles/Platypus bladders

So we were missing somewhere around 7-9lbs of gear total. So I did the logical thing and added a 10lbs medicine ball (I mean, why carry extra water that we might actually drink? Or can pour out when my foot starts exploding, no Kris, let’s carry exercise equipment for a 36k walk) in my bag while Rachel carried useful gear and a bit of additional clothing. We set out with 26lbs on my back while Rachel had 15lbs on hers.

Today we both have sore/tight knees and some tender spots where the hip belts clasped around our bodies. We were fine enough to run our errands and during our Costco run we found lightweight carbon fiber adjustable trekking poles! Under 8 ounces each at 40$ a pair. I couldn’t resist buying them. I also found some hiking shoes for 30$. These items should get us through our summer hiking and upcoming local adventures. We really only have clothes left to buy.

Even though my head looks like a pink tomato and parts of my left foot like ground beef water balloons I have zero regrets. We got to do some great sightseeing, the Ottawa river really is a beautiful place, we posted some of our favorite pictures to Instagram for those who want to see. We successfully completed our goal of the day, which was to walk from our house in Nepean to Orleans. Rachel and I got to spend quality time together and we didn’t have any distractions or strict goals in terms of distance or pace. We just wanted to do it all before sunset, which we managed to do by only a few minutes. The picture shown above is the first bench in Orleans and about 200 meters from the our finish line. I can’t wait until our next outing, this one was memorable.

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